• Ajax Relay (EU)
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Ajax Relay (EU)

Product Ref: 38204.19.NC1

Relay is a wireless, low-voltage relay featuring potential-free (dry) contacts. Use Relay to remotely switch on/off appliances powered by a 7–24 V DC source. Relay can operate both in pulse and bistable mode. The device communicates with a hub via Jeweller radio protocol. In the line of sight, the communication distance is up to 1,000 m.
The Relay contacts are not galvanically connected to the device itself, so they can be connected to the input control circuits of various equipment to imitate a button, toggle switch, etc.
Main features:

  • Operates from 7-24 V DC voltage sources
  • Rated for 200,000 switch ons
  • Maximum load of 5A at 36V DC / 13A at 230V AC
  • Installed into electric switchboard or junction box

Technical Specifications

  • Actuating element: Electromagnetic relay
  • The service life of the relay: 200,000 switchings
  • Supply voltage range: 7 – 24 V (DC only)
  • Voltage protection: Yes, min — 6.5 V, max — 36.5 V
  • Maximum load current*: 5 A at 36 V DC, 13 A at 230 V AC
  • Operating modes: Pulse and bistable
  • Pulse duration: 0.5 to 255 seconds
  • Maximum current protection: No
  • Parameter control: Yes (voltage)
  • Device energy consumption: Less than 1 W
  • Frequency band: 868.0 – 868.6 MHz or 868.7 – 869.2 MHz depending on the region of sale
  • Compatibility: Operates only with all Ajax hubs, and range extenders
  • Effective radiated power: 3.99 mW (6.01 dBm), limit — 25 mW
  • Modulation of the radio signal: GFSK
  • Maximum distance between the device and the Hub:Up to 1000 m (any obstacles absent)
  • Communication ping with the receiver: 12 – 300 sec (36 sec default)
  • Shell protection rating: IP20
  • Operating temperature range: From 0°С to +64°С (ambient)
  • Max. temperature protection: Yes, over 65°C at the place of installation or over 85°C inside the Relay
  • Operating humidity: Up to 75%
  • Dimensions: 39 × 33 × 18 mm
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Service life 10 years

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