CELEXON 16:9 Dynamic Slate ALR Fixed Frame

Product Ref: 1000016001

We have developed our celexon HomeCinema frame screen for all cinephiles and home cinema enthusiasts. We have placed as much emphasis on functional components and useful features as we have on an elegant design, the use of high-quality materials and an excellent price/performance ratio.


The sensation our Dynamic Slate high contrast projection screen fabric

The perfect home cinema experience within your own four walls can quickly be clouded or faded by residual light in the room or light reflections from white walls. Our ALR 0.8 Gain High Contrast Cloth "Dynamic Slate" provides a remedy here. It successfully filters out disturbing stray light and focuses the projection light on the viewer without distorting colours. The perceptible in-picture contrast increases many times over.

Our Dynamic Slate high-contrast screen fabric was specially developed to optimize the contrast value, even with residual light. You can say goodbye to typical "wash-out effects" or "grey haze" even at low levels of darkening. With 0.8 gain, the Dynamic Slate ALR is deliberately designed to be neutral and reproduces the projected image in true colour. Disturbing glitter effects and the resulting hot spots are actively avoided with this screen fabric.

The contrast cloth was developed with an extremely fine surface structure and is already suitable for 8K as well as almost 100% colour-neutral in reproduction. The slim frame is just 15 mm wide and thus creates an LED TV illusion with a screen diagonal of up to 135". Home cinema and TV enjoyment merge!

The Dynamic Slate high-contrast fabric works especially well for white tones too – which is not commonly found with other high-contrast cloths.

This means that HDR content is now more clearly visible on a high-contrast screen and is particularly effective on our ALR screen.

In general, projection protects the human eye comparatively effectively when viewing images, since reflected (passive) light is demonstrably healthier for the viewing eye than actively radiating light as with a TV.

The particularly fine surface structure displays even 8K content pixel-precisely without any problems - currently common 4K content is easy for this screen and you as a user are permanently equipped for the future. With advanced surface coating technology, the celexon HomeCinema Frame Dynamic Slate looks like new for years and has an increased lifespan.

With celexon's new Dynamic Slate screen fabric, you get a high contrast screen fabric on which you can project crisp, homogeneous, high contrast images even under low light and outstanding white tones. Let yourself be inspired by new, unimagined image quality - if necessary, the image quality of your existing projector can also be significantly optimized by using this screen!


Slim Frame Option:

The Slim Frame features a sturdy extruded aluminium frame and uses a very thin visible edge for maximum viewing with minimal build size. With a framed edge of only 15mm, the ultra-slim framing offers a sleek and sophisticated look that is ideal for modern home theatre applications as well as commercial applications.

Its special cover frame design resembles a high-end LED TV, but allows for a much larger viewing area.

Edge Free Option:

For even more limitless picture freedom, the cover frame profiles can be omitted during installation so that the frame screen appears "frameless" (Edge Free).

In this case, care must be taken during installation to ensure that the projection screen fabric is stretched over the support frame with particular care and with complete coverage (right into the corners). But the effort is worth it - due to the missing frame, the projection image can be aligned right to the e

Product Features

  • Visible projection area: 220 x 124 cm (100")
  • Format: 16:9
  • Ultra flat wall thickness: 32 mm
  • Screen fabric: celexon Dynamic Slate ALR technology for high contrast and 8k accurate image reproduction
  • SlimFrame = 15 mm ultra-flat framing for maximum use of the entire projection area
  • Gain factor of 0.8, viewing angle of 160°
  • Extremely rigid, extruded aluminium frame - matt black finish
  • Effectively absorbs edge reflections and conceals possible convergence problems (with cover frame)
  • Innovative fabric fastening for perfect flatness due to permanent spring tension all around
  • 45° angle plug-in system, easy to install (2 persons recommended)
  • Wall mounting brackets with flexible positioning along the width of the screen
  • Outer dimensions of frame: 223 x 127 x 3.6 cm, 13.9 kg (LxWxH)



The HomeCinema Frame can be installed safely, easily and quickly. The 45 degree support frame is screwed together with brackets and the screen fabric is stretched over it from the front, fastened at the back with metal springs. Optionally, the cover frame is then installed.

The dimensionally stable aluminium frame is attached to the wall with two flexibly positionable mounting brackets. The mounting brackets can be positioned freely along the entire width of the frame, depending on your requirements.


  • celexon HomeCinema Frame - Dynamic Slate ALR
  • Multilayer PVC screen fabric with celexon's ALR technology, gain 0.8, viewing angle 160°.
  • Mounting bracket, mounting material and instruction manual

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