• DELUXX 16:9 Cinema 4K Pro Tab Tension (177 x 99cm) - (80")
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DELUXX 16:9 Tab Tension 4K Pro

Product Ref: 1000004607

The DELUXX 4k Pro Fibre MWHT Tension is a high-quality, motorised screen with a high degree of connectivity and user-friendliness in a shapely matt-white housing. Unobtrusive for every living room and home cinema. The screen fabric is a fiberglass fabric which when compared to pure PVC or vinyl goods is very temperature-stable and can be used in more temperature-sensitive areas (please note the enclosed instructions).

With the 4k Pro Fibre fabric, DELUXX has created an extremely fine surface structure, which is also suitable for 8K projections. Thus, future standards are covered and with the robust fiberglass fabric, you can be sure of a long-lasting, high quality experience.
A very homogeneous image reflection with wide viewing angle makes this screen of the "TYPE D" (diffuse reflective) the ultimate choice for all projection systems. The gain of 1.2 brightens up slightly without falsifying colour values.

The lateral rope tension (Tension System) allows excellent flatness and can be re-adjusted on each side if necessary. This effectively prevents "dog-ears" in the projection area.

The DELUXX Cinema Tension Electric Screen - 4K Pro Fibre comes with a wide range of accessories and is highly controllable: wireless radio and IR remote control are included, but it also supports the wireless integration into your Logitech remote control (codes are stored with Logitech). In addition, there are also 5V-20V trigger input (screen goes up/down automatically on projector on / off) as well as professional integration via RS232 / RS485 into systems of e.g. Crestron or RTI, as well as potential-free contacts available. You have the choice!


Technical Specifications


Screen Fabric:

  • Visible projection area: 80" - 135"
  • 1.2 Gain 4K Pro Fibre technology with the finest surface texture also suitable for 8K
  • Wide viewing angle of over 150° and suitable for all types of projection (ultrashort & short as well as long-throw)
  • Extremely fine cloth structure: 8K suitable
  • Wide 150 degree viewing angle
  • Black masking 5cm left, right and bottom, 66cm black drop at top
  • Dimensionally stable & rigid shaft with large diameter for optimum flatness and clarity.



Screen type: Tab Tension Screen

Projection type: Front projection

Format: 16:9

Black back: YES

Gain factor: 1.1

Mount: Wall

Colour: Black

Product weight (net): 19.9

Warranty: 24 months

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