Whyte Series F WFRXVHT-G1 WB Fibre Optical Receiver VHT Group 1

Product Ref: 10071

WFRX-VHT-01 and WFRX-VH-01 are Wideband Optical Receivers from the Whyte Series F Range. When used with a Whyte Fibre Optic Transmitter, signal degradation between the RF source (the LNB) and the Wideband Optical Receiver is a mere 0.2dB MER. A tri-colour LED indicates the correct optical input signal level to achieve the stated SAT and TERR RF output levels.

The Whyte Series F WB Receivers connect directly to all Whyte Amplifiers, Taps and Multswitches providing a convenient, neat, and robust solution. These WB Fibre Receivers are line powered via the SAT outputs.

Product Features

  • 4 Years Warranty
  • Optical Input LED Indicators
  • Ultra Low MER Degradation <0.2dB
  • RF Output SAT 80dBuV / TERR 70dBuV
  • WB Satellite and TERR Optical Receivers
  • Connects Directly to Whyte Amplifers, TAPS and Multswitches

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