Ajax Kit7 Superior Hub2 / 2xMCS / DPS / 2xSC / SSDD / HSS

Product Ref: 90775.248.WH1

The Ajax Kit 7 Superior with Hub 2 (2G) is a state-of-the-art security package tailored for superior protection and straightforward management across residential and commercial premises. This kit comprises advanced components, each crafted with an elegant aesthetic to ensure a cohesive look within any design environment:

  • 1x Hub 2 (2G): The central command unit of the Ajax security system, ensuring robust communication and control over all connected devices.
  • 2x MotionCam S (PhOD): High-tech motion detectors featuring integrated cameras for photographic verification upon motion detection, enhancing security with visual evidence.
  • 1x DoorProtect S: A compact sensor for monitoring door and window access, crucial for reinforcing perimeter security.
  • 2x SpaceControl: Remote key fobs designed for convenient system operation, equipped with a panic button for urgent alerts in emergencies.
  • 1x StreetSiren DoubleDeck: A powerful outdoor siren that provides loud audio and visual alarms, designed to deter intruders effectively with its double-deck sound emission.
  • 1x HomeSiren S: An indoor siren that alerts occupants to security breaches with clear, audible signals.

Detailed Descriptions of Kit Components:

Hub 2 (2G): Positioned at the heart of the Ajax security ecosystem, the Hub 2 (2G) can connect with up to 100 devices. It utilises Jeweller and Wings technologies for swift and reliable alarm signal and image transmissions. The Hub 2's compatibility with surveillance cameras broadens its surveillance and control capabilities, making it indispensable for integrating and managing the security system and ensuring seamless communication for peak protection.

MotionCam S (PhOD): These innovative motion detectors with built-in cameras activate upon detecting motion, capturing photographs for immediate visual verification of alerts. This functionality is invaluable for distinguishing between false alarms and genuine threats, providing users with additional security and peace of mind.

DoorProtect S: Specialising in the surveillance of doors and windows, the DoorProtect S uses a magnetic contact mechanism to detect openings. It immediately alerts the Hub 2 upon detection, which then either notifies the user or triggers an alarm, based on the system's settings.

SpaceControl: The SpaceControl key fobs facilitate the remote arming or disarming of the security system. Featuring an integrated panic button, they allow users to instantly trigger a distress signal to the Hub 2, alerting other users or a monitoring station, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

StreetSiren DoubleDeck: Designed for outdoor use, the StreetSiren DoubleDeck acts as an effective deterrent with its loud audio signals and flashing lights, alerting nearby individuals and discouraging potential intruders. Its robust design ensures dependable performance in various weather conditions, serving as a critical component of the system's external defence.

HomeSiren S: The HomeSiren S bolsters indoor security by emitting immediate audio alarms when a breach is detected. It features adjustable volume levels and alarm melodies, allowing customisation to suit different preferences and environments.

The Ajax Kit 7 Superior delivers a complete and user-friendly security solution, merging cutting-edge technology with ease of installation. The components' wireless design allows for a simple setup process, while the Ajax mobile application provides the benefit of remote control and monitoring. Each component's sleek appearance ensures that the system not only offers effective protection but also aesthetically enha

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