Ajax Kit4 Superior Hub2 / 2xMPS / DPS / KPPS / SSDD / HSS

Product Ref: 90769.245.WH1

The Ajax Kit 4 Superior with Hub 2 (2G) is a premium security bundle expertly assembled to deliver unparalleled protection and easy management for both residential and commercial environments. This comprehensive kit comes with high-quality components, all designed with a sophisticated finish to ensure seamless integration into various design aesthetics:

  • 1x Hub 2 (2G): The foundational element of the Ajax security system, enabling robust communication and comprehensive control over the system's components.
  • 2x MotionProtect S: State-of-the-art motion detectors that intelligently distinguish human activity while ignoring pets, greatly reducing the incidence of false alarms.
  • 1x DoorProtect S: A compact device aimed at monitoring the opening of doors and windows, thus enhancing perimeter security.
  • 1x KeyPad Plus S: A secure access control keypad that supports contactless arming/disarming and includes a panic button for emergency situations.
  • 1x StreetSiren DoubleDeck: An outdoor siren designed to issue loud and visible alerts, effectively deterring potential intruders with its dual-layer sound emission.
  • 1x HomeSiren S: An indoor siren that notifies occupants of security breaches with clear audible alarms.

In-Depth Component Descriptions:

Hub 2 (2G): Positioned at the heart of the Ajax security ecosystem, the Hub 2 (2G) can accommodate up to 100 devices. It incorporates Jeweller and Wings, proprietary technologies, for fast and reliable transmission of alarm signals and imagery. Compatible with surveillance cameras, the Hub 2 offers extensive surveillance and control capabilities, serving as the crucial hub for system management and integration, ensuring flawless communication between all components for optimal protection.

MotionProtect S: These advanced motion detectors are meticulously designed to accurately detect human motion while disregarding pets, significantly lowering false alarm rates. Equipped with a PIR sensor, the MotionProtect S ensures reliable monitoring of the designated area, swiftly alerting the system to any unauthorised entries.

DoorProtect S: Dedicated to the surveillance of doors and windows, the DoorProtect S utilises a magnetic contact mechanism to detect openings. Upon detection, it promptly alerts the Hub 2, which then notifies the user or triggers an alarm, based on the system's configured responses.

KeyPad Plus S: The KeyPad Plus S provides secure and convenient access control, allowing for contactless arming and disarming of the security system. It features a panic button for immediate emergency alerts, enhancing security and user safety.

StreetSiren DoubleDeck: Designed for external use, the StreetSiren DoubleDeck acts as a potent deterrent with its loud audio signals and flashing lights, alerting neighbours and discouraging intruders. Its durable design ensures reliable performance under various weather conditions, making it an effective component of the system's external defence.

HomeSiren S: The HomeSiren S bolsters indoor security by emitting immediate audio alarms upon detection of a breach. Its volume levels and alarm melodies are adjustable, allowing customisation to match different settings and preferences.

The Ajax Kit 4 Superior provides a comprehensive and user-friendly security solution, blending cutting-edge technology with straightforward installation. The components' wireless nature facilitates an easy setup, while the Ajax mobile application offers the convenience of remote control and monitoring. Each component's sleek design ensures that the system not only offers robust protection but also aestheticall

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