Ajax Kit3 Superior Hub2 / 2xMPS / DPS / 2xSC / HSS

Product Ref: 90767.244.WH1

The Ajax Kit 3 Superior with Hub 2 (2G) is a meticulously curated security package, designed to deliver unmatched protection and straightforward management for residential and commercial settings alike. This comprehensive kit is supplied with a selection of top-of-the-line components, each crafted with an elegant finish to ensure seamless integration into a variety of design schemes:

  • 1x Hub 2 (2G): The cornerstone of the Ajax security system, facilitating robust communication and control across the system's components.
  • 2x MotionProtect S: Cutting-edge motion detectors that effectively discern human presence whilst ignoring pets, significantly minimising false alarms.
  • 1x DoorProtect S: A compact apparatus dedicated to monitoring the opening of doors and windows, thereby bolstering perimeter security.
  • 2x SpaceControl: Key fobs designed for remote system oversight, featuring a panic button for instant emergency alerts.
  • 1x HomeSiren S: An indoor siren that alerts occupants to security breaches with distinct audible alarms.

Detailed Component Info:

Hub 2 (2G): At the Ajax security ecosystem's core, the Hub 2 (2G) supports up to 100 devices. It utilises Jeweller and Wings, proprietary technologies, for swift and dependable alarm signal and image transmissions. The Hub 2's compatibility with surveillance cameras extends its surveillance and control capabilities, making it an integral component for managing and integrating the security system. It ensures all components communicate seamlessly for ultimate protection.

MotionProtect S: These advanced motion detectors are engineered to precisely identify human movement, ignoring pets to drastically reduce false alarms. Equipped with a PIR sensor, the MotionProtect S provides reliable surveillance of assigned areas, quickly alerting the system to any unauthorised access.

DoorProtect S: Specialised for doors and windows surveillance, the DoorProtect S uses a magnetic contact technique to detect openings. Upon such detection, it immediately sends an alert to the Hub 2, which then either notifies the user or activates an alarm, depending on the configured settings.

SpaceControl: The SpaceControl key fobs allow for the convenience of remotely arming or disarming the security system. With an integrated panic button, they enable users to swiftly trigger a distress signal to the Hub 2, alerting other system users or a monitoring station, thus providing an added layer of security.

HomeSiren S: The HomeSiren S enhances indoor security by emitting instant audio alarms when a breach is detected. Its volume levels and alarm melodies can be adjusted, allowing for customisation to suit different environments and preferences.

The Ajax Kit 3 Superior offers an all-encompassing and user-friendly security solution, combining advanced technology with effortless installation. The wireless nature of the components ensures a straightforward setup process, while the Ajax mobile application affords users the luxury of remote control and monitoring. The sleek design of each component ensures that the system not only provides robust protection but also complements the aesthetic of any property.

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