Ajax Kit17 Superior Hub2 / 2xMPS / DPS / KPT / SSDD / HSS

Product Ref: 90980.252.WH1

The Ajax Kit 17 Superior, equipped with the Hub 2 (2G), is an expertly curated security package designed to offer unparalleled protection and user-friendly operation for both residential and commercial settings. This comprehensive kit brings together advanced security components, each styled with a contemporary design for effortless integration into any aesthetic:

  • 1x Hub 2 (2G): The central command unit of the Ajax security ecosystem, ensuring robust communication and comprehensive control over a wide range of connected devices.
  • 2x MotionProtect S: High-performance motion detectors that provide reliable detection of human presence while minimizing the chance of false alarms from pets.
  • 1x DoorProtect S: A compact sensor designed to monitor the opening of doors and windows, essential for bolstering perimeter security.
  • 1x KeyPad TouchScreen: A sophisticated access control keypad featuring a touchscreen interface for intuitive system arming/disarming, including a panic button for immediate emergency alerts.
  • 1x StreetSiren DoubleDeck: A formidable outdoor siren that emits loud audio and visual alerts, effectively deterring potential intruders with its dual-layer sound emission.
  • 1x HomeSiren S: An indoor siren that alerts occupants to security breaches with clear, audible signals, ensuring prompt awareness of any disturbances.
  • 3x Tag: Convenient tags that allow for quick and easy system disarming, perfect for children or individuals without access to the mobile application or keypad.

Detailed Overview of Kit Components:

Hub 2 (2G): At the heart of the Ajax security system, the Hub 2 (2G) facilitates connectivity with an extensive array of devices and features robust capabilities for alarm signal and image transmission through Jeweller and Wings technologies. It delivers superior surveillance and control, ensuring seamless operation of the security setup.

MotionProtect S: These advanced motion detectors are designed to accurately detect human movement, significantly reducing false alarms by ignoring pets. Their reliability in surveillance enhances the overall security of the premises.

DoorProtect S: Specializing in the surveillance of doors and windows, the DoorProtect S uses a magnetic contact to detect any unauthorized access, instantly alerting the Hub 2 (2G) upon detection to either notify the user or trigger an alarm, based on the system's configured settings.

KeyPad TouchScreen: The KeyPad TouchScreen enhances user interaction with the security system through a high-resolution touchscreen interface, offering straightforward control and featuring a panic button for emergencies, thus adding an additional layer of safety.

StreetSiren DoubleDeck: Designed for outdoor use, the StreetSiren DoubleDeck serves as a powerful deterrent with its loud audio alerts and flashing lights, notifying the surrounding area and discouraging potential intruders. Its robust design ensures dependable performance in various weather conditions.

HomeSiren S: The HomeSiren S bolsters indoor security by emitting instant audio alarms when a breach is detected. It features customizable volume levels and alarm melodies, allowing for adaptation to suit different settings and user preferences.

Tag: These compact, easy-to-use tags offer a convenient way to disarm the system quickly, especially suitable for children or temporary guests who may not use the mobile application or keypad regularly.

The Ajax Kit 17 Superior delivers a sophisticated and user-friendly security solution, combining cutting-edge technology with easy installation. The wi

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