Ajax Fibra StreetSiren (ASP)

Product Ref: 44412.07.WH1

Wired outdoor siren that notifies of danger using sound and light. Resistant to dust, hail, and raindrops. Operates at a temperature of -25°ะก. The built-in accelerometer will raise the alarm if an attempt is made to remove the siren.

- Bus connection with 4-core cable, up to 2000 meters (when using twisted pair U/UTP CAT5)
- Indicates armed/disarmed state by means of a built-in LED
- Sound level configurable from 85dB to 113 dB at a distance of 1 m
- Alarm length configurable from 3s to 180s
- Backup battery in case of attempts to cut off the siren from Fibra line

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