Ajax Fire Protect EU WHITE

Product Ref: 38105.10.WH1

FireProtect is a wireless indoor fire detector with an in-built buzzer and a battery, ensuring up to 4 years of autonomous operation. FireProtect can detect smoke and rapid temperature increase.

Connecting to the Ajax security system via a secured Jeweller radio protocol, FireProtect communicates with the hub at a distance of up to 1,300 m in line of sight.

The detector can be a part of third-party security systems, connecting to them via the Ajax uartBridge or Ajax ocBridge Plus integration module.

Main features:

  • Set up via the Ajax apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows
  • The Ajax security system can be connected to a central monitoring station of a security company.
  • Light indicator (acts as the sensor and Test button)
  • QR code

Smoke-sensitive element: Photoelectric sensor
Temperature sensitive element: Thermocouple
Sound notification volume: 85 dB at a distance of 3 m
Alarm threshold at the temperature: +59°С ±2°С
Tamper protection :Yes
Radio communication protocol: Jeweller
Radio frequency band: 866.0 - 866.5 MHz / 868.0 - 868.6 MHz / 868.7 - 869.2 MHz / 905.0 - 926.5 MHz / 915.85 - 926.5 MHz / 921.0 - 922.0 MHzDepends on the region of sale.
Compatibility:Operates independently or with all Ajax hubs, radio signal range extenders, ocBridge Plus, uartBridge
Maximum RF output power: Up to 20 mW
Radio signal modulation: GFSK
Radio signal range: Up to 1,300 m (any obstacles absent)
Power supply: 2 × CR2 (main batteries), CR2032 (backup battery), 3 V
Battery life: Up to 4 years
Installation method: Indoors
Operating temperature range:From 0°С to +65°С
Operating humidity: Up to 80%
Overall dimensions: 132 × 132 × 31 mm
Weight: 220 g
Service life: 10 years

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