CELEXON Radio Trigger for 4K Fibre Tension 4K Pro Fibre / Tension DarkVision

Product Ref: 1000024484

With the DELUXX Cinema radio trigger for 4K Fibre / Tension 4K Pro Fibre / Tension DarkVision, you can control your electric screen without transmission or reception interference, even through brickwork.

Annoying overlaps with existing IR devices are a thing of the past.
Furthermore, the radio system does not require a line of sight between transmitter and receiver, making it particularly suitable for concealed installation.

The DELUXX radio trigger offers the optimum possibility of making every projector reliably trigger-compatible! Unlike cable solutions, there is no need for a trigger-out on the projector, simply connect the radio trigger to the projector's power connection and your projector can control your screen - without the hassle of laying cables! This means that your screen can extend automatically when you switch on your projector and retract automatically when the projector is switched off.

You do not need an additional radio receiver to use the radio trigger. The radio trigger communicates directly with the receiver built into the screen.

The radio trigger can also be used in parallel with a remote control, so that the screen can still be controlled manually if other devices are to be used with the screen in addition to your own projector.

Technical Specifications

Name DELUXX Cinema Radio Trigger for 4K Fibre / Tension 4K Pro Fibre / Tension DarkVision

Article number 1000024484GTIN/EAN 4051408602989

Manufacturer SKU 1000024484


Product Type Trigger Kit

Colour Map Black

Condition New

Warranty in Months 24 month​

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