Ajax Case 106x168x56

Product Ref: 63134.186.WH

Choose Case with the required number of slots to fit all the Ajax devices you want to install. The box for security sensors and boards is equipped with fasteners to secure the devices. Also, the mounting box for signaling and sensors has a tamper module and cable ducts. Durable latches and anti-falling screws provide quick and reliable fastening. Route cables and secure the devices in the simplest way possible.

The mounting box for wired protection complies with the international safety standards that you would expect from an Ajax product. The casing walls remain securely in place and maintain their integrity even during drilling. The stiffeners are designed to provide strength and enhance load-bearing safety. Additionally, the case for wired security sensors features a stylish and user-friendly design. It is also specifically crafted to withstand exposure to sunlight.

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