• CELEXON 16:9 CLR UST Fixed Frame 220 x 124 - 100"
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CELEXON 16:9 CLR UST Fixed Frame

Product Ref: 1000006232

The CLR (ceiling light rejecting) frame screen from celexon's HomeCinema series is a high contrast screen specially optimised for ultra-short throw (UST) projectors.

It combines the advantages of current displays with the size of a projection screen. The specially developed "retroreflective" projection screen fabric provides unprecedented contrast, black level, brightness and vivid colours under daylight or ambient light conditions. With these features, the dream finally comes true - the projection screen becomes a TV replacement!

At the same time, celexon's HomeCinema CLR-UST fabric achieves outstanding colour values and colour fidelity.

The viewing angle of 140° is extremely wide for this type of screen fabric and 0.4 gain achieves an impressive perceived brightness, black level and contrast due to the special bundling of the incident light and reflection in the direction of the viewer.

This makes celexon's CLR-UST fabric one of the best ultra-short distance high contrast fabrics on the market and unique at this price point.

The extremely narrow frame, only 12mm wide, has a matte black finish all around and builds up only minimally over the surface of the screen. This eliminates any edge reflections and creates the impression of a 100", 110" or 120" TV.

Product Features

Ambient and stray light are known problems of projection systems, as colours fade and blacks appear weakened. Consequently, the choice of the best place for the screen in the room is severely limited. Screens that have a special coating to prevent this effect are abbreviated ALR for "Ambient Light Rejecting".

This surface texture ensures a deeper black level, higher in-picture contrast, better colour saturation and better picture brightness from the viewer position, regardless of whether ambient light is switched on or off or whether there is residual light (daylight) in the room.

The celexon HomeCinema CLR-ALR fabric is a special ALR fabric variant and does not reflect light from above back into the viewer's eye (unlike classic "Type D" (diffuse reflective) matt-white fabrics) and at the same time absorbs light coming from the side.

The projection light coming in from below is bundled & reflected centrally towards the viewer.

It is thus optimised exclusively and specifically for use with an ultra-short throw projector, achieving breath-taking projection results - even under residual light conditions.

If you are using an ultra-short throw projector, it is imperative that you use a projection surface that is flat and level to the maximum. Classical roll-up screens are usually not suitable for such a projection, as their screens hang freely in the room and may move slightly, or they may have minimal ripples in the screen fabric or at the edges, which is typical for roll-up screens.

A UST projection does not forgive any unevenness in the flatness, and distortions occur in the image due to the extremely wide projection angle - so that frame screens are the optimal type of screen for UST projectors thanks to the permanent fabric tension and thus perfect flatness.

The CLR HomeCinema UST frame screen fits perfectly into your existing room without standing out. Whether in a home cinema, conference or meeting room, this screen is a real eye-catcher and TV replacement, not only because of the special fabric or its high-quality finish, but also because of its slim design.

The fabric is stretched from behind onto the frame with the help of springs and is always perfectly flat. The frame is easy to assemble thanks to the simple plug-in system.

In the box you will find all mounting accessories as well as an easy-to-understand instruction manual.

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