Ajax Kit12 Superior Hub2Plus / 2xMCS / DPS / KPPS / SSDD / HSS

Product Ref: 90785.239.WH1

The Ajax Kit 12 Superior, featuring the Hub 2 Plus, is a comprehensive security system meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled protection and effortless control for both homes and businesses. This complete package includes an array of advanced components, each with a sleek design for smooth integration into various settings:

  • 1x Hub 2 Plus: The most advanced central unit in the Ajax security system lineup, offering robust communication and extensive control over a wide range of devices.
  • 2x MotionCam S (PhOD): Cutting-edge motion detectors with built-in cameras for capturing visual confirmations upon motion detection, enhancing security with photographic evidence.
  • 1x DoorProtect S: A compact, yet powerful device for monitoring the opening of doors and windows, essential for solidifying perimeter security.
  • 2x SpaceControl: Ergonomic remote key fobs designed for straightforward system management, equipped with a panic button for immediate emergency alerts.
  • 1x StreetSiren DoubleDeck: A formidable outdoor siren designed to emit powerful audio and visual alerts, effectively deterring potential intruders with its dual-layer sound emission.
  • 1x HomeSiren S: An indoor siren that alerts occupants to security breaches with clear, audible signals.

Detailed Insights into Kit Components:

Hub 2 Plus: As the cornerstone of the Ajax security ecosystem, the Hub 2 Plus supports a vast array of devices and offers enhanced connectivity options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and dual SIM slots, ensuring uninterrupted communication. It leverages Jeweller and Wings technologies for the rapid and reliable transmission of alarm signals and images, providing superior surveillance and control capabilities.

MotionCam S (PhOD): These sophisticated motion detectors are equipped with cameras that activate to provide visual verification when motion is detected, offering a crucial advantage in distinguishing between false alarms and genuine threats. This capability is invaluable for securing peace of mind and reinforcing overall security measures.

DoorProtect S: Specialized in monitoring doors and windows, the DoorProtect S utilises a magnetic contact system to detect any unauthorized openings. It immediately alerts the Hub 2 Plus upon detection, which then proceeds to notify the user or trigger an alarm, according to the system's preconfigured settings.

SpaceControl: The SpaceControl key fobs facilitate the remote arming or disarming of the security system. Featuring an integrated panic button, they enable users to quickly send a distress signal to the Hub 2 Plus, alerting other system users or a monitoring station and adding an extra layer of security.

StreetSiren DoubleDeck: Designed for outdoor usage, the StreetSiren DoubleDeck serves as an effective deterrent with its loud audio alerts and flashing lights, notifying the surrounding area and discouraging intruders. Its robust build guarantees reliable performance under diverse weather conditions, making it an integral part of the system's perimeter defense.

HomeSiren S: Enhancing indoor security, the HomeSiren S emits instant audio alarms when a breach is detected. Its volume levels and alarm melodies can be adjusted, allowing for customisation to accommodate various environments and user preferences.

The Ajax Kit 12 Superior delivers a sophisticated and user-friendly security solution, combining state-of-the-art technology with straightforward installation. The wireless nature of the components ensures an easy setup process, while the Ajax mobile application offers the convenience of remote control and monitoring. The sleek design of

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