Ajax Combi Protect 8PD

Product Ref: 22950.06.WH1

CombiProtect is a device combining a wireless motion detector with the viewing angle of 88.5° and distance up to 12 meters, as well as a glass break detector with the distance up to 9 meters. It can ignore animals and detects a person within the protected zone from the first step. It can operate for up to 5 years from a pre-installed battery and is used inside premises.
CombiProtect operates within the Ajax security system, connected to the hub via the protected Jeweller protocol. The communication range is up to 1200 meters in the line of sight. In addition, the detector can be used as a part of third-party security central units via the Ajax uartBridge or Ajax ocBridge Plus integration modules.

Technical Specifications

Sensitive element: PIR sensor (motion) / electret microphone (glass break)
Motion detection distance: Up to 12 m
Motion detector viewing angles (H/V): 88.5° / 80°
Time for motion detection: From 0.3 to 2 m/s
Pet immunity: Yes, weight up to 20 kg, height up to 50 cm
Glass break detection distance: Up to 9 m
Microphone coverage angle: 180°
Tamper protection: Yes
Radio communication protocol :Jeweller
Radio frequency band: 866.0 - 866.5 MHz / 868.0 - 868.6 MHz /868.7 - 869.2 MHz / 905.0 - 926.5 MHz / 915.85 - 926.5 MHz /921.0 - 922.0 MHz Depends on the region of sale.
Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax hubs, radio signal range extenders, ocBridge Plus, uartBridge
Maximum RF output power: Up to 20 mW
Radio signal modulation: GFSK
Radio signal range : Up to 1,200 m (any obstacles absent)
Power supply: 1 battery CR123A, 3 V
Вattery life: Up to 5 years
Installation method: Indoors
Operating temperature range: From -10°С to +40°С
Operating humidity: Up to 75%
Overall dimensions: 110 × 65 × 50 mm
Weight: 92 g
Service life: 10 years
Certification:Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II in conformity with the requirements of EN 50131-1, EN 50131-2-7-1, EN 50131-2-2, EN 50131-5-3

Product Features

  • Set up via a mobile application for iOS and Android based smartphones
  • System is self-sustaining, but the user can connect it to the central monitoring station of a private security company.
  • LED indicator
  • Motion detector lens
  • QR code

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